Innosuisse Annual Magazine 2021

Themed article


Our innovation promotion strengthens the competitiveness of Swiss companies

Innosuisse’s funding aims to strengthen Switzerland’s long-term competitiveness and contribute to positive economic, social and ecological development.

To measure the impact of the funding used, Innosuisse has been conducting a systematic impact assessment of all completed innovation projects since the beginning of 2021. This means that the benefits of innovation promotion can now be demonstrated with concrete figures and its development tracked over time.

I am pleased that the results from the first year impressively confirm the positive impacts of Innosuisse’s innovation promotion. The figures show that the implementation of the funded innovation projects creates numerous promising jobs and that the funds invested flow back into the national economy within a short period of time.

It is also gratifying to note that a large proportion of the projects funded deal with future-oriented topics such as sustainability or digitisation, thereby strengthening Switzerland’s long-term competitiveness.

Gérald Walti

CFO / Member of the Executive Committee of Innosuisse

Supporting a long-term cooperation

Innosuisse's project funding strengthens knowledge and technology transfer beyond the project's time period. Both will benefit from the continued cooperation in the long term: Business partners from access to knowledge, research partners from the further development and implementation of the innovation.

On the world market

Switzerland is the most innovative country in the world, according to international rankings. Every third innovation supported by Innosuisse is a world market novelty: yet more proof of the success of Switzerland’s public innovation promotion.

Successfully bringing a product to market

Innosuisse focuses on the business plans and the implementation of the projects on the market or in companies when assessing the applications submitted. The results prove that the projects are implemented quickly and successfully.

Enabling radical innovation in Switzerland

Radical technologies or innovations with disruptive effects are often risky. Innosuisse supports innovative companies and their innovations which otherwise would not have been carried out due to high risks, despite great economic potential.

Measurable economic effects in companies

For the first time, the economic benefit of innovation promotion can be demonstrated using concrete figures. One Swiss franc invested in innovation projects leads to an additional value added of 5.1 Swiss francs for companies over a period of three years.

Supporting digitisation

The ongoing digital transformation is a strong driver of innovation. Many innovation projects use digitisation to create completely new and innovative business models as part of their process, product or service innovations. Swiss companies thus gain long-term competitive advantages in existing or new markets.

Contributing to sustainable solutions

Ensuring sustainability in the economy, society and the environment is an enormous challenge. More than half of the innovation projects funded are concerned with sustainability issues.

Further figures and background information can be found in our brief report.